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YDOC 3G Bore-Waterlevel datalogger

YD-WDL314DS-Li Kit

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YDOC Bore Logger -Rotto 

If you want an easy solution for the expensive task of water level monitoring the YDOC WDL-314 is the answer .

The YDOC WDL-314 is a smart 3G telemetry Datalogger which allows remote level data transmission . It also allows remote configuration changes from your office via TCP. 

The YDOC has Lithium battery which has a  3-5 year data transmission life, depending on the logging rate.

It also offers safety for dangerous sites such as Highways and Mine sites.  

Enviro Paul is please to offer a complete pre-configured groundwater monitoring kit ready to install  . Each Bore Kit is all set to go and includes 1 year of Eagle Io hosted Data free .

It includes - the WDL314DS-Li  3G logger

* Stainless steel Modbus or SDi12 * Non Vented Level sensor with  a 10m or 100m pressure range with temerature and level.

* 10 m of non vented cable ** ,

* 3.6V Lithium Battery

* Telstra 3G Sim Card .

* ProHydro Well Dock 

It is all setup to and pre configured with your site name, FTP and email requirements. 

(* Titanium Version $110 extra ** Poly cable extra as required @$5.50 per m . **Teflon cable extra as required @$11.00 per m )

The YDOC WDL-314  Bore logger is the easiest way to have long term monitoring of water level , temperature and also any additional water quality parameters , such as EC , pH Dissolved Oxygen and ORP. 

The YDOC  WDL-314DS-Li is designed for Modbus, SDi12  compatible sensors . 

This IP68 rated WDL-314 datalogger easily fits down a two inch bore and is secured with the ProHydro lockable 2'' well doc. 

The WDL-314 can handle any workload and it comes with a 3.6V Lithium Battery for years of logging, a 4GB micro SD card for data backup, a Baro sensor to allow baro correction of non vented sensors, derived channels, allowing depth to water (DTW) calculations and also AHD calculated data.

The WDL-314 can provide a 12 V power supply to SDi12 and Modbus sensors. You cand define the sesor warm up interval, modbus protocols , SDi12 channels and parmeters easily. Dont throw away your flat In-Situ level trolls or Aquatrolls , the YDOC WDL-314DS can power these 'old -dead loggers', cheaper than buying a new one. 

Water level or quality data can be sent via Email, to your server, or via our hosted site . Remote configuration is simpe via TCP, so you dont have to go to site to change logging rates or enter derived channels for DTW. 

As part of our product support Eviro Paul will offer the fist years Hosted Data on Eagle Io free with every YDOC -Logger sensor pack.  

The YDOC is pre-programmed so its a simple drop and go setup for the field . A simple DTW value before installation, install the ProHydro well doc onto the 50 mm PVC pipe and lower the YDOC , then lock and go . The above YDOC WDL-314 was installed on Rottnest Island and took 15 minutes to install down the original PVC Bore casing . We also took a GPS of the site for Google maps reference on 

Please email or call us if you have a site specific requirement , or you may need to log Level and Conductivity or a Multiparameter water quality sonde . It all can be done easily. We also offer an Iridium YDOC solution for remote sites



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