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YDOC 3/4G Iridium Option Solar battery Powered Telemetry logger

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The ML-N417ADS-PV  data logger is a small, ultra low power, cost effective telemetry data logger with built-in 3/4G-modem available for the EMEA, APAC and NA regions.  The YDOC acan easily send all your remote dat aby email - in csv format or we can help you host it on the cloud with  

It is available in several models (Click here ) 

This YDOC 417  data logger, comes with an internal temperature sensor, 8GB micro SD card and an 2FF SIM card slot.

The logger can be powered by an internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery that will last for years in lowpower mode or , 

an optional integrated 3xAA NiMH Solar PV-panel or 8..30V external DC source. The data logger can acquire physical signals by 2 current loop inputs, 2 voltage inputs, 1 resistance input and 3 digital inputs.

The MLN417 data logger is provided with one serial port to capture measurements from Pulse , ASCII, MODBUS/RTU, NMEA or SDI-12 compatible sensors.

External sensors for weather, soil moisture or water level can be powered by the data logger and do not consume power whilst the data logger is in sleep mode. 

Logged data can be pushed to a central host by TCP, FTP, SMTP (e-mail) at configurable intervals. 

TCP can aslo allow remote connection to make changes or Firmware upgrades to the YDOC over the 3/4G Network 

All you need is a logger and applicable sensor(s).

The solar powered 3/4G logger offers exceptional costs savings, because you don't need:

a) solar panels,

b) big batteries,

c) cellular modem and

d) encapsulating cabinet.


  • 5x analog inputs 
    › 2x current loop inputs (0..20mA, 12bit resolution) 
    › 2x voltage inputs (0..10V, 12bit resolution) 
    › 1x resistance input (max. 10M, 12bit resolution) a/o to connect a resistance based wind direction sensor 

  • 3x digital inputs (status, event or pulse counter) a/o to connect a flow meter, rain gauge or reed relay based wind speed sensor 

  • Internal sensors (a/o battery, processor temperature, signal strength) 

  • 1x Serial port for connecting external sensors (RS-232, RS-485 or SDI-12)
  • Serial port drivers 
    › ASCII: Sensors autonomously outputting readable lines of numeric values 
    › MODBUS/RTU: Read-out value registers from MODBUS/RTU slave devices 
    › NMEA-0183: GGA (GPS) , DBT (Depth), HDG(Heading) en MWV (Wind) 
    › SDI-12: Read-out of up to 16 devices with up to 20 parameters per device using aC!, aM!, aCx! or aMx! commands

  • 1x digital open collector alarm output to switch on a relay in case a parameter value is outside its limits (e.g. a high water level) 

  • Optional JPEG camera CAM-D1.3M or CAM-S0.3M
  • Optional GPS receiver GPS-E3329 

  • Built-in 3G-MODEM (EMEA, APAC and NA) with GPRS fallback.
  • 2FF SIM-CARD slot
  • 100mA@3.6V average operating1) current during a duty cycle of less than 1 sec2) per log interval.
  • 250mA@3.6V average operating current during 20..60 sec. 3G data transfer
  • 100uA@3.6V sleep current
  • 12V@100mA switchable power outlet to power external sensors
  • Power supply 
    › 3.6V DC input for internal Lithium battery3) 
    › Optional 3xAA NiMH3) solar charger integrated in cover 
    › Optional 8..30V DC-Adapter integrated in cover
  • Data push by TCP, FTP, SMTP(e-mail)
  • Alerts by SMS
  • Configuration by: 
    › USB (local) 
    › TCP (remote, in cooperation with the central data collector) 
    › Web-browser (remote, in combination with the yDocInsights webserver)
  • Rugged and waterproof IP67 enclosure (130x120x75mm)
  • Optional pole mounting bracket
  • Integrated GSM antenna, external GSM antenna optional
  • Wide temperature operating range –30°C +75°C

1) 100mA if no external sensors need to be powered.
2) <1 sec. if external sensors are responsive and don't require time to "warm up".
3) Lithium batteries not included.

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