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Solinst Model 101 water level meter with P7 probe 150m


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Solisnt Model 101 P7 Probe

The Solisnt 101/P7 water Level Meter uses extremely durable, PVDF flat tape, traceable to NIST and EU measurement standards. Each tape conductor contains 13 strands of stainless steel, and 6 strands of copper-coated steel, making the tape non-stretch and high in tensile strength and electrical efficiency. T

The well tape has a thick dog bone design that prevents adherence to wet surfaces, and allows it to hang straight in application. The tape is also easy to splice. The 10 mm well tapes come with permanent laser markings every millimeter.


  • Probe is submersible to 300m (1000ft), for measuring total well depth
  • Non-stretch PVDF well tape with stainless steel conductors
  • Permanent laser markings every millimeter


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