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MPKit Soil Moisture Instant Reading Kit
For portable and convenient measurement of volumetric soil moisture content in sports fields, irrigation monitoring, mine sites, and landfills.The MPKit has set the standard for the most reliable and convenient portable soil moisture sensor. Unlike other portable instruments, the MPKit does not need calibration and is not affected by temperature. Measurements take 3 seconds and can be stored on the MPM160 Hand Held Meter for later download into the computer.The robust design and quality manufacturing materials leave the MPKit as the most robust portable soil moisture instrument. The sensor needles are stainless steel and are embedded in a reinforced body. The MPKit has been reliably used in the softest soils to the hardest, most stony soils.The MPKit now has the industry reputation as the go to instrument for portable measurements of soil water content.
MPKit Soil Moisture Instant Reading Kit Features


  • Volumetric Soil Water Content Sampling
  • Highly Accurate
  • Robust
  • Portable
  • Rapid Measurement


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