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Enviro Paul Rental Rates

 No rental charge for the shipment day and return day !

Water Level & Interface Meters   


INW CT2X Level and Conductivity logger


Daily $100 Weekly $300 Monthly $900 ex GST +Two Monthly $800

0 to 100ms/cm 210m Non-Vented Depth Range. Includes software and download cable.

Options include well dock-ring and Kevlar Rope.The best Level and conductivity logger around


210m  range 4 in stock

70m range 1 in stock


 Click here for CT2X manual


INW LevelSCOUT 10.9m Range 


Daily $50 Weekly $150 Monthly $300 Two Months or more $250

Various Depth ranges available 

10.9m 10 in stock 

23m 1 in stock 

210m 1 in stock


Includes software and download cable. Options include well dock-ring and Kevlar Rope.

Click here for LevelSCOUT PDF 


INW BaroSCOUT Baro Logger



Daily $50 Weekly $150 Monthly $300 ex GST Two Months or more $250

Includes software and download cable. 

2 in Stock .

The 10.9m range LevelSCOUT can also be used as a Baro logger 


Click here for BaroSCOUT PDF 


IN-Situ Troll 400 10m range 

Daily $50 Weekly $150 Monthly $500 ex GST

Includes software and download cable. 


Geotech Interface meter 60m Cable

Daily $45 Weekly $195 Monthly $400 ex GST

Includes spare Battery and Cable guard 

For full specifications please click here 

For the operators manual please click here 


Water Quality and Sampling  


YSI Quatro 1m cable  pH EC ORP DO sensors Flow cell and Case 

Daily $90 Weekly $385 Monthly $880

Includes Spare 9V Battery DO Membrane Kit and Cal Cup


YSI Pro DSS Water quality meter pH ORP EC DO Temp Turbidity Depth GPS 

The YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature along with depth.


For full specifications please click here 

Please configure as required (Prices ex GST)                  Day Week Month



ProDSS Handheld, with GPS 626870-2 $60 $120 $355
ProDSS 4 port cable assembly, without depth - 4m 626909-4 $50 $100 $300
ProDSS 4 port cable assembly, with depth - 10m 626910-10 $75 $145 $435
ProDSS 4 port cable assembly, with depth - 20m 626911-20 $75 $150 $455
ProDSS 4 port cable assembly, with depth - 30m 626911-30 $80 $155 $470
ProDSS Conductivity/Temp Sensor 626902 $20 $40 $120
ProDSS pH Sensor 626903 $45 $55 $105
ProDSS pH+ORP Sensor 626904 $55 $75 $140
ProDSS Dissolved Oxygen Sensor 626900 $30 $55 $170
ProDSS Turbidity Sensor 626901 $30 $65 $190




For full specifications please click here 

Horizontal Sampler 2.2Litres and 20 m calibrated line with 0.5m markings 

Daily $50 Weekly $150 Monthly $350


Secci Disc weighted and 50m reel with 1cm graduations 

Secchi Disc and 50m reel

Daily $30 Weekly $75 Monthly $150

Gas Meters 

BW Technolgies MAX XT II

LEL, CO, O2, H2S  with pump and sample tubes 

Daily $50 Weekly $200 Monthly $500 ex GST

 Includes software and download cable. 

 Click here for MAX XT II Data Sheet


* Please call if you need a product to rent and we will always try and help.






EXO Sondes      
Rental EXO1 Sonde, 100 m Depth, 4 Sensor Ports $180 $360 $1,085
Rental EXO2 Sonde, 100 m Depth, 6 Sensor Ports, 1 Wiper Port $220 $440 $1,315
Rental EXO2 Sonde, 250 m Depth, 6 Sensor Ports, 1 Wiper Port $210 $425 $1,270

EXO Handheld

$95 $190 $565

EXO Probes

EXO Conductivity/Temp Sensor $30 $55 $165
EXO pH Sensor $45 $60 $125
EXO pH+ORP Sensor $70 $90 $170
EXO Turbidity Sensor $65 $125 $375
EXO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor $65 $135 $405
EXO Total Algae Sensor (Fresh Water) $115 $235 $700
EXO Total Algae Sensor (Salt Water) $115 $235 $700
EXO fDOM Sensor $75 $145 $440
EXO Central Wiper (EXO2) $35 $70 $210
EXO Nitrate Sensor (excl. sensor module - must be purchased) $65 $85 $150

EXO Cables Non-vented

EXO Field Cable, 2 m $15 $35 $100
EXO Field Cable, 10 m $20 $40 $120
EXO Field Cable, 15 m $20 $45 $135
EXO Field Cable, 33 m $35 $65 $195
EXO Field Cable, 66 m $55 $105 $320
EXO Flying Lead Cable, 10 m $15 $30 $95

EXO Accessories

EXO Coastal Anode $5 $10 $30
EXO RS-232 & SDI 12 adapter $10 $20 $55
EXO USB adapter $15 $30 $85
EXO1 Sonde Weight Kit $5 $10 $30
EXO2 Anti-fouling Probe Guard $30 $60 $185
EXO2 Coastal Anode Weight $5 $15 $40
EXO2 Flow Cell $10 $20 $55
EXO2 Sonde Weight Kit $5 $10 $30



YSI 6-Series Sondes




600LS w/ conductivity, temp & shallow-vented level sensor (9m) $90 $180 $545
600OMS V2 w/ medium depth sensor (61 m) $165 $330 $995
600OMS V2 w/ shallow-vented depth sensor (9 m) $175 $355 $1,060
6820 V2 w/ no depth sensor $180 $360 $1,075
600XLM V2 w/ medium depth sensor (61 m) $195 $390 $1,170
6920 V2 w/ medium depth sensor (61 m) $225 $450 $1,350
6600 V2 w/ medium depth sensor (61 m) $290 $575 $1,725
6600EDS V2 w/ no depth $225 $455 $1,360

6-Series Handhelds

650MDS - Standard Memory, no Barometer (650-01) $60 $125 $370
650MDS - High Memory, no Barometer (650-02) $100 $200 $595
650MDS - Standard Memory, w/ Barometer (650-03) $75 $145 $435
650MDS - High Memory, w/ Barometer (650-04) $110 $220 $660

6-Series Probes

Conductivity/Temp Sensor (included free)  - - -
pH Sensor $40 $50 $85
pH Sensor (Fast Response) $40 $50 $95
pH & ORP Sensor $50 $60 $115

6-Series Optical Probes

Turbidity Sensor $60 $120 $365
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (ROX) $70 $140 $425
Blue-Green Algae (PC) Sensor $85 $170 $505
Blue-Green Algae (PE) Sensor $85 $170 $505
Chlorophyll Sensor $115 $230 $695
Rhodamine Sensor $145 $290 $870

6-Series Optical Probes (Copper Alloy Anti-fouling)

Anti-fouling Turbidity Sensor $80 $165 $490
Anti-fouling Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (ROX) $90 $185 $550
Anti-fouling Blue-Green Algae (PC) Sensor $105 $210 $635
Anti-fouling Blue-Green Algae (PE) Sensor $105 $210 $635
Anti-fouling Chlorophyll Sensor $140 $280 $835


Rental Terms and Conditions 


Rental Period

The rental START DATE commences as specified on the rental booking form. The goods are delivered one day prior to your required specified start date.  The rental charge period may be a daily, weekly or monthly time charge as needed.

The rental continues until the client returns the goods. This is deemed the FINISH DATE. 

For locations with no overnight courier service, up to one free return travel day is available. A Minimum rental period is one day. Extending the rental period is permitted only with prior approval.  All equipment is not to be loaned or rented to a third party. Equipment rented for a period of more than one month will be invoiced on a monthly basis, and receive a 10% discount. A surcharge will be applied for late payments. We require 24 hours notice should a rental need to be cancelled. One (1) day’s full rental charge will apply if this notice is not given.

Freight Charges

Free local delivery to the Renter in Coffs Harbour. A Startrack 5Kg Overnight ($29)- Australia wide is available if required to ship to another state or mine site. The return freight is the responsibility of the Renter unless prior arrangement is made with Enviro Paul. The Renter is to ensure the complete equipment package is properly packaged prior to its return.

Instrument Calibration

Calibration and/or accuracy checks are performed on instruments and applicable equipment reports included, prior to shipment from Enviro Paul It is always the responsibility of the Renter to ensure proper calibration prior to and during use. In no event will Enviro Paul be held responsible for the validity of instrument readings.

Damage or Loss

Damage or loss to equipment during possession or during freight from the Renter to Enviro Paul is the responsibility of the Renter. The Renter assumes all financial liability for loss and damage of equipment due to misuse, abuse or accident. The Renter must notify Enviro Paul immediately if any equipment is lost or damaged or if any problem developsWe will assist you in any way possible to resolve the problem or ship another replacement instrument.

Contact & Changes

Enviro Paul may sometimes need to contact the Renter when previously agreed shipping dates cannot be met. The Renter should ensure that they or an appointed person is contactable by telephone or by other means on the day of shipping.

Repairs & Decontamination

All equipment is examined, checked and cleaned by Enviro Paul prior to shipment to ensure effective performance. Failure to look after, decontaminate and clean equipment may incur an additional charge. Repairs due to general wear and regular maintenance will be conducted by at no cost. All care must be taken to follow equipment maintenance guidelines as provided by Enviro Paul.

Replacement of Malfunctioning Equipment

If an item of rented equipment malfunctions during use, please phone Enviro Paul immediately on  0434846494 or 0266963251 If the problem cannot be rectified easily, Enviro Paul will ship replacement equipment locally (if one is available) or by Overnight air freight. If the equipment is required more urgently, the extra freight costs incurred are the responsibility of the Renter.  The Renter must return the suspect equipment to Enviro Paul immediately by Star track Over-night Freight.


Enviro Paul is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever and howsoever arising (including but not limited to loss arising by reason of delay, non-delivery, defective materials or workmanship) out of or in connection with the supply of goods or services, including (without limitation) any indirect or consequential loss (including without limitation loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of use of goods, loss on resale, loss of goodwill or increased cost of workings), even if due to the negligence of the Seller or any of its employees or agents. Enviro Paul will not be liable in any way for the suitability of the Equipment for the work or for any injury sustained while using the equipment.  




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