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Kevlar Rope


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Kevlar Rope 2.0 mm x 1000m lenght with Reel 

When you need to hang level loggers down wells or monitoring bores and are sick of injuries from Stainless Steel Wire then, Kevlar rope is the ideal choice. 

Its compact, light and to carry for a 1000m roll and it won't cut your hands when pulling the loggers back up to the surface.

It doesn't corrode or rust and there is nothing worse than pulling up your Stainless Steel hanging wire to find the logger has come off !

it is also non conductive of electricity, a handy feature when lightning strikes are happening around your site.  

Simply use a Bowline Knot to secure your Level logger to the rope and the other end to a ProHyrdo well doc and lower away.  

Neobraid Hybrid P/A #2.5 (2mm) Black - 500 


Actual Size # 2.5


Cord Size Diameter .0765 inch  1.943 mm Tolerance 4.0% 


Elongation 3 % at Break


Break 140lbs 623N Tolerance 5.0%


Melt Carbonisation point 250 Deg C


Elastic Power 0.0 lbs@50% Str 0.00 kg @ 50% Str



The information on this specification sheet is valid as of the date noted. One or more of the values referenced here may undergo very minor changes. If any of these values is critical to your needs, please contact Neocorp to see if an updated specification sheet is needed.

*Break strengths are referenced for guidance purposes only since they can vary by small amounts depending on the run lot and specific usage. Please see The Cordage Institute guidelines regarding break strengths and working loads.


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