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Ionode Cyanide ISE


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The Ionode Cyanide Ion Selective Electrode featuring Ionode's unique Intermediate Junction reference.

Suitable for the direct determination of Cyanide ions up to 260 ppm, however it is recommended to dilute sample concentrations to a level of 25ppm or below to maximise service life.



Body: Polypropylene, PEEK
Parameter: CN-
Reference: Double Junction Ag/AgCl/Sat KCl Gel with replaceable electrolyte
Temp Range: 0°C - 60°C
pH Range: 9 - 14
Measuring Range: 0.05 - 25 ppm
Interfering Ions: I-, Br-, S2-
Applications: Suitable for the direct determination of Cyanide ions in alkaline conditions. If the concentration of CN- > 10ppm, dilution before measurement is recommended.
Cable Length: 1m. Standard (Max. 20m)
Connector: BNC Standard


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