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Horiba D75 LAQUA pH/ORP/DO meter


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Horiba D75A-S Waterproof pH/ ORP and DO meter complete with 

pH electrode 0 to 14.00 (9625-10D)

Field dissolved oxygen electrode o to 20.00 ppm 0 to 200% with 2m of cable (9551-20D)

pH 4.01/7.00/10.01 buffers & 3.33M KCl referece electrolyte (502-S)




Measurement items


  • The built-in data memory (1000 items)
  • Connecting to a computer allows measurement data to be collected.
  • Output to a GLP/GMP-compatible printer is possible.
  • Automatic calibration and calibration interval alarm function
  • Usable with both 5-point calibration and USA/NIST standard solutions.
  • Temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure calibration, and salt concentration calibration functions
  • Oxygen concentration and saturated oxygen concentration measurement functions
  • Interval measurement function
  • Sample ID No. setting function
  • Clock function and auto power-off function
  • Usable with AAA alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries, or adapter.
  • IP67-compliant waterproof and dustproof structure*.

* IP67:Ensures a waterproof performance without failure when immersed 1m in water for about 30 minutes.


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