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Eutech PCTESTr 35 pH/Cond/Temp Meter


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Eutech Waterproof PCTESTr 35 pH/Conductivity/Temp Tester


The Eutech PCTESTr 35 is one of the best pocket mulit patmeter meters on the market .


It combines the pH sensor with an EC sensor and allows multiple measurement modes.


pH 0 to 14.0 ±0.1 pH resolution and ATC 

Conductivity 0.00 to 19.9mS/cm

One tester measures five parameters

pH, Conductivity and Temperature 

Full pH range measurement at up to 2-decimal places.  

Low, medium and high Conductivity ranges – tester measures pure water! 

Up to 5-point pH calibration and 3-point Conductivity calibration.  

Adjustable Temperature Coefficient (0.0 to 0.0%)  

Temperature sensor housed within unique dome-shaped casing for faster ATC response and faster measurements.  

ATC/ MTC option  

Scroll-menu with four buttons control for stress-free navigation  

Longest-lasting tester in the market! No tools required to replace sensor.  

One-press Parameter Toggle Switching parameters is just a press of the button.  

Certified IP67 Waterproof – Lightweight tester even floats for easy retrieval.


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