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Eutech Waterproof PCSTestr 35 pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Temp Tester

The Eutech PCSEST35 is one of the best pocket mulit parameter meters on the market .

It combines the pH sensor with an EC sensor and allows multiple measurement mode.

It features Auto push button calibration, Auto OFF and it has an easy removable sensor.

Specs pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature

pH 0 to 14.00±0.01 pH resolution with ATC

CONDUCTIVTY  0 - 200.0 µS/cm; 0 - 2000 µS/cm; 0 - 20.00 mS/cm

TDS 0 - 100.0 ppm; 0 - 1000 ppm; 0 - 10.00 ppt; 0 - 100.0 ppm; 0 - 1000 ppm

SALINITY 0 - 10.00 ppt; 0 - 1.00%


Full pH range measurement at up to 2-decimal places

Low, medium and high Conductivity/ TDS ranges – tester measures pure water! 

Multi-range Salinity measurements of up to 10.00 ppt or 1.00 %

Up to 5-point pH calibration and 3-point Conductivity/ TDS/ Salinity calibration.

Adjustable TDS factor (0.40 to 1.00) and Temperature Coefficient Feature (0.0 to 10.0%)

ATC/ MTC option

Scroll-menu with four buttons control for stress-free navigation

Longest-lasting tester in the market! No tools required to replace sensor.

"One-press Parameter Toggle": Switching parameters is just a press of the button.

Certified IP67 Waterproof – Lightweight tester even floats for easy retrieval.


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