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Enviro Paul City Water Safe Test Kit


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The new City Water Safe test kit contains everthing you need to find out simply, quick and accurately test if your

water contains unsafe and undesirable levels of 8 common contaminants. Simply match the colour chart after dipping the Test Strips in water 


Bacteria- EPA Guideline -none 

After 48 hours a Purple colour means no Bacteria Tested .

A Yellow colour means it is highly likely potentially harmful Bacteria were detected. 


Lead -EPA Guideline below 15 ppb 

A simple 10 minute test to verify if Lead is below or above 15 ppb . 

Lead causes developmental harm , neurological and kidney damamge.

Lead contaminated made headlines in the USA town of Flint where 6000-12000 children were exposed to lead .


Pesticides -EPA Guideline -Atrazine below 3ppb Simazine below 4ppb 

Another simple 10 minute test to see if Pesticeds are below the EPA guidelines

For agricultural uses -. Linked to increased Cancer rates 


Total Nitrates /Nitrites- EPA Guidelines below 10 ppm

A simple 1 minute test to see in Nitrates are below 10 ppm 

Usually from animal waste  and fertilisers. Higher levels can cause developmental problems.


Total Chlorine-EPA Guideline below 4 ppm

A simple 15 second dip test to verify the Total chlorine level

High Chlorine levels have a bad taste and smell. Increased levels can cause increased Cancer risk


pH EPA-Guidelines 6.5 to 8.5

A simple 15 second test to determine if the pH range is in the desired guideline

pH is a logarithmic scale and small changes mean alot . pH 6 is 100  time lower than pH 8 

pH can cause heavy metal leaching and plumbing damage 


Hardness EPA Guideline 50 ppm or less 

A simple 15 second dip test to verify the Hardness range .

 High hardness levels can cause Lime scale and higher detergent use 

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